Article: ‘Defining internationalisation in HE for society’

July 4, 2019

The authors of the article, Uwe Brandenburg, Hans de Wit, Elspeth Jones and Betty Leask agree and propose following description of internationalisation in higher education for society: „Internationalisation of Higher Education for Society (IHES) explicitly aims to benefit the wider community, at home or abroad, through international or intercultural education, research, service and engagement“. They emphasize the importance of the third mission of universities but in the the field of internationalisation aspects of university's work they conclude there is a space for improvement and development. Further, they are mentioning positive examples of university engagment in local community, like a group of rural women entrepreneurs participated in internationalisation projects led by Viña del Mar University in the Valparaiso Region of Chile, or a service learning programme involving speech pathology students from La Trobe University in Melbourne, who undertake international clinical placements, conducting assessments and therapeutic interventions in regional Cambodia.


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