Wales: Maximising universities’ civic contribution

March 10, 2019

A policy paper published by the Wales Centre for Public Policy entitled “Maximising universities’ civic contribution” explores the challenges and opportunities for enhancing the civic mission of Welsh universities and the Welsh post-compulsory education system more broadly.

Written by J. Goddard, E. Hazelkorn, S. Upton and T. Bolland, the paper is written as a 'provocation' to policymakers, to universities, and to Welsh society, and sets out six policy recommendations specific to the Welsh context.

·        Adopting a strategic vision for the PCET sector in Wales;

·        Including civic engagement as a formal aspect of universities’ performance;

·        Developing regional clusters of institutions as a means of strengthening place-based planning and decision-making between higher education and other parts of Welsh society and economy;

·        Incentivising collaboration between universities and other parts of the post-compulsory education sector;

·        Embedding and widening access and life-long-learning,including adult education, as intrinsic characteristics and responsibilities of civic mission;

·        Providing engagement funding for universities contingent on collaboration and alignment with Welsh national and regional priorities.

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