Meeting with Carnegie Community Engagement Classification

November 30, 2021

TEFCE project coordinator Thomas Farnell (IDE) held a meeting on 17 November 2021 with Mathew Johnson and Lauren Bartsche (Albion College, USA) who coordinate the Carnegie Elective Classification for Community Engagement in Higher Education, and agreed to foster further cooperation between Europe and the USA in this area.

There was agreement that the TEFCE/SHEFCE projects are closely aligned with the work carried out in the USA in the framework of the Carnegie Community Engagement Classification, in particular the ways in which a supportive framework allows institutions to identify their own best practices of community engagement; involves self-reflection on the part of the university; results in inspiring practices being identified from institutions around the country, which can contribute to further advancing the field as a whole.

A report with meeting conclusions is available here:

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Meeting with Carnegie Community Engagement Classification

November 30, 2021

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