TEFCE featured in recent international publications on higher education policy

July 15, 2020

The TEFCE project has attracted international attention and has been referenced in a number of relevant international publications, including:

- the OECD report Benchmarking Higher Education System Performance (2019);

- The Place of Universities in Society (Maasen et al,2019);

- the CEDEFOP/LLLP (2019) study Implementing a Holistic Approach to Lifelong Learning; Community Lifelong Learning Centres as a gateway to multidisciplinary support teams

- NESET (2020) study Mapping and analysis of student-centred learning and teachingpractices;

- DAAD (2020) study: Internationalisation in Higher Education for Society (IHES): concept, current research and examples ofgood practice.

Chapters on the TEFCE project will also feature in the forthcoming books Re-envisioning Higher Education’s Public Mission: Global Perspectives (edited by Papadimitriou & Boboc, published by Palgrave) and Socially Responsible Higher Education (edited by Hall & Tandon, published by Brill).

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