TEFCE presentation at global UNISERVITATE symposium

October 28, 2020

TEFCE Expert Prof. Bojana Ćulum Ilić presented the TEFCE project during the first online symposium of the newly-launched programme UNISERVITATE: Service-learning in Catholic Higher Education, on Thursday29 October 2020. UNIVERSITATE is an international initiative of Porticus (https://www.porticus.com/) coordinated by the Latin American Centre for Solidarity Service-Learning (CLAYSS, www.clayss.org.ar)  and acts as a multicultural, global and diverse space to explore the contributions of the pedagogical proposal of service-learning to integral education in higher education.

Bojana participated in the panel discussion Why acommitted and supportive Higher Education today?  whose speakers were:

·        Miquel Martínez, University of Barcelona; UNISERVITATE Academic Sounding Board.

·        Bojana Culum, University of Rijeka (Croatia); TEFCE/CEE Service-learning Network; UNISERVITATE Academic Sounding Board.

·        Carol Ma, Singapore University of Social Sciences; Asian Service-learning Network.

·        Ignacio Sánchez Díaz, Rector, Pontifical Catholic University of Chile.

·        Daniel Stigliano, Cátedras Scholas, Universidad del Sentido.

Bojana presented the TEFCE project and the mainelements of the TEFCE Toolbox for community engagement in higher education.

A video of the presentation is available in the section www.tefce.eu/consultations.

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