Issued project publications:

Policy brief: A European Framework for Community Engagement in Higher Education: Why and How?


Policy brief summarising the findings of the first TEFCE publication 'Mapping and Critical Synthesis of Current State-of-the-Art on Community Engagement in Higher Education' (2018)

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Mapping and Critical Synthesis of Current State-of-the-Art on Community Engagement in Higher Education (2018)

Paul Benneworth, Bojana Ćulum, Thomas Farnell, Frans Kaiser, Marco Seeber, Ninoslav Šćukanec, Hans Vossensteyn & Don Westerheijden

This publication defines the concept of community engagement in higher education and its role in contemporary debates about the role of higher education in the 21st century and maps international initiatives and projects that have attempted to develop frameworks for monitoring/measuring community engagement. The publication identifies the needs, gaps and opportunities for a European framework for community engagement of higher education.

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Upcoming project publications:

Toolbox for the community engagement of higher education institutions
Expected publication date: March 2019 

Piloting the community engagement toolbox at universities and their local communities
Expected publication date: January 2020

Assessing the feasibility of developing policy tools for community engagement at the European level
Expected publication date: June 2020

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