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TEFCE Toolbox now available in multiple languages (open access)

The TEFCE Toolbox has been translated into Catalan, Croatian, German and Spanish
February 1, 2022

TEFCE presented at the UNITE! European University conference

December 10, 2021

Meeting with Carnegie Community Engagement Classification

November 30, 2021

TEFCE presentation for 'Réseau DG2' network of university leaders

Presentation of TEFCE Toolbox at conference of francophone network of university leaders
November 25, 2021

TEFCE final events: Expert panels with key European stakeholders

TEFCE will host panels with speakers from the European Commission, the Council of Europe, EUA, EURASHE and Campus Engage
October 20, 2021

TEFCE establishing links with Latin American networks & universities

TEFCE has been presented at webinars by CLAYSS and GUNI and links have been made with researchers and universities
October 18, 2021

TEFCE advocacy for UNESCO World Higher Education Conference

The TEFCE team is working on including its messages on community engagement in higher education in the UNESCO 2022 conference
October 8, 2021

TEFCE presented at leading international conferences

TEFCE project presented at Westminster Forum, Living Knowledge, Talloires Network and ECER conferences
October 4, 2021

New TEFCE publication featuring policy recommendations

New publication: Assessing the Feasibility of Developing a Framework for Community Engagement in European Higher Education
April 29, 2021

Online workshop with ECIU University members

Discussions held with the European Consortium of Innovative Universities and European Association for Service Learning in HE
April 28, 2021

Consultation with European Commission (Higher Education Unit)

The TEFCE team presents TEFCE Toolbox to DG EAC and identifies synergies with future policy initiatives.
March 21, 2021

TEFCE presentations to university networks in Canada and Asia

Presentation of TEFCE Toolbox to Canadian Cohort for the Carnegie Community Engagement Classification and to UNESCO Bangkok
March 20, 2021

European Commission’s webinar on community engagement in HE

Webinar stressed the crucial role that universities play in responding to societal needs and the way they can enhance their societal impact
March 19, 2021

Series of international TEFCE stakeholder consultations

TEFCE team holds a number of presentations and consultations with stakeholders (EURASHE, NCCPE, CPC, UNESCO Bangkok)
February 16, 2021

University World News articles on community engagement and TEFCE

TEFCE and University World News establish a cooperation regarding the promotion of the TEFCE Toolbox.
January 18, 2021

Launch of TEFCE Toolbox

The TEFCE Toolbox provides a new framework to support greater societal impact of universities in Europe, without using metrics or ranking
November 30, 2020

TEFCE policy impact on new EHEA ministerial communique

The 2020 Rome Ministerial communique for the European Higher Education Area has for the first time included community engagement in higher education within its priorities
November 20, 2020

TEFCE webinar series for YUFE staff training

The webinar series on how the TEFCE Toolbox can support institutions wishing to improve their engagement with their external communities.
October 30, 2020

TEFCE presentation at global UNISERVITATE symposium

TEFCE project was presented at the first online symposium of the newly-launched programme UNISERVITATE: Service-learning in Catholic Higher Education
October 28, 2020

TEFCE follow-up project awarded EU funding

The project SHEFCE (Steering Higher Education for Community Engagement) will further support universities and policymakers improve community engagement in higher education
October 23, 2020

TEFCE thematic session at EAIE 2020 online conference

See how community engagement and internationalisation can connect
October 15, 2020

New European Commission report on university-community engagement

The report proposes that universities play an important role when it comes to societal needs and gives a new definition of community engagement.
August 15, 2020

TEFCE featured in recent international publications on higher education policy

The TEFCE project has been featured in more than five relevant publications, including OECD and DAAD.
July 15, 2020

TEFCE webinar hosted by GUNi

The Global University Network for Innovation and the TEFCE Project held the webinar TEFCE Toolbox for Community Engagement in Higher Education – From Theory to Practice
July 1, 2020

In Memoriam: Paul Benneworth

It is with immense sadness that we announce that our colleague Paul Benneworth died unexpectedly on Tuesday 12 May 2020 at the age of 46.
May 20, 2020

TEFCE webinar: Universities building a better Europe

A webinar on the TEFCE project results was presented at the 2020 European University Association (EUA) Annual Conference webinar series on 22 April 2020; 14.00-15.00 CET
May 1, 2020

University World News publishes article on the TEFCE project

The article entitled ‘A European framework for community engagement in HE?’ presents the goals and achievements of the TEFCE project.
April 28, 2020

Expert Team meeting in Twente on TEFCE policy impact scenarios

The TEFCE Expert Team held a meeting at the University of Twente, Center for Higher Education Policy Studies, on 29th-30th January 2020.
January 29, 2020

The TEFCE presented on the European Association for International Education Blog

The European Association for International Education has published an article on their blog about the project TEFCE: Towards a European Framework for Community Engagement in Higher Education.
January 9, 2020

TEFCE project presented at European Quality Assurance Forum 2019

The TEFCE Toolbox was presented to over 50 international experts in quality assurance in higher education at the 2019 European Quality Assurance Forum, which was held in Berlin on 21-23 November 2019.
November 21, 2019

Successful piloting of TEFCE Toolbox in Dublin, Ireland

Final TEFCE Toolbox piloting took place in the form of thematic focus groups with university-community stakeholders at Technological University Dublin and Dublin City Council (7-8 November 2019).
November 12, 2019

TEFCE at international ACA conference on the engaged university

TEFCE project promoted by J.M. Vilalta (ACUP/GUNI) by Thomas Farnell (IDE) at conference 'The engaged university: linking the global and the local' held in Bled, Slovenia (17-18 September 2019).
October 16, 2019

Successful piloting of TEFCE Toolbox in Rijeka, Croatia

The third TEFCE Toolbox piloting at the University of Rijeka and co-hosted by the City of Rijeka (25-26 September 2019) further confirmed its fitness-for-purpose.
October 1, 2019

TEFCE presented at 2nd European Service Learning Conference

Session on TEFCE project held by Bojana Ćulum Ilić (University of Rijeka) at international conference in Antwerp, Belgium on 15-16 September 2019.
September 16, 2019

Successful piloting of TEFCE Toolbox in Enschede, Netherlands

Value of TEFCE Toolbox further confirmed through workshops and stakeholder discussions at the University of Twente and RegioTwente.
July 4, 2019

TEFCE presented at Bologna Process 20th anniversary conference

TEFCE expert presents arguments on why community engagement should become a new priority of the Bologna Process until 2030.
June 27, 2019

TEFCE presented at Council of Europe conference

TEFCE Toolbox presented at European Conference on the Local Mission of Higher Education
June 20, 2019

Successful piloting of TEFCE Toolbox in Dresden, Germany

The first "proof-of-concept" of the TEFCE Toolbox was confirmed at a workshop at TU Dresden on 14-15 May 2019
June 3, 2019

TEFCE consultations held with key internationational stakeholders

A series of meetings was held with leading organisations for community engagement in higher education at the international level.
May 20, 2019

TEFCE advocacy through the Bologna Follow-Up Group

Key messages from the TEFCE project were communicated to stakeholders at the BFUG meeting on 2 April.
May 15, 2019

TEFCE consultation with Catalan Association of Public Universities

The TEFCE project and draft toolbox for community-engaged universities was presented to members of ACUP.
March 21, 2019

TEFCE toolbox tested at consortium meeting in Barcelona

The TEFCE consortium confirmed the high quality of the project’s mapping, of the proposed toolbox and the piloting plan in 2019.
March 5, 2019

TEFCE Expert Team meeting in Zagreb to finalise TEFCE Toolbox

The Expert Team met in Zagreb to confirm the methodology of the TEFCE toolbox and make plans for its piloting at 4 partner universities and their communities.
March 1, 2019

First TEFCE publication and policy brief issued

The first publication within the TEFCE project, "Mapping and Critical Synthesis of Current State-of-the-Art on Community Engagement in Higher Education", has been issued.
December 10, 2018

Expert Team meeting and consultation with ECIU in Norway

The TEFCE Expert Team held a meeting at the University of Stavanger (Norway) to brainstorm the development of a toolbox for community engagement in higher education.
October 25, 2018

Expert Team meeting in Zagreb

The TEFCE Expert Team held its first meeting at the Institute for the Development of Education (Croatia) to discuss the results of the mapping of community engagement in higher education.
June 29, 2018

TEFCE networking at the EUA annual conference

The TEFCE project manager Thomas Farnell attended the EUA 2018 Annual Conference (entitled 'Engaged and Responsible Universities Shaping Europe” held at the University of Zurich on 3-4 April 2018, due to the close link between the conference theme and the TEFCE project.
May 7, 2018

How to foster more socially engaged universities in Europe?

The TEFCE project has been launched to address a new priority on the EU’s policy agenda for higher education: the community engagement of universities. The project will develop tools to help universities to better interact with their communities at the local and regional level in order to address pressing social needs.
April 2, 2018

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