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TEFCE Toolbox: An Institutional Self-Reflection Framework for Community Engagement in Higher Education

The TEFCE Toolbox can be freely downloaded as a single document or by stages of implementation (below). The TEFCE Toolbox is an open access resource under Creative Commons license: CC BY 4.0. For questions, support and advice during implementation, please contact us: iro@iro.hr.

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Background document and methodology

Building and Piloting the TEFCE Toolbox for Community Engagement in Higher Education

This publication describes how the TEFCE Toolbox was developed, explains its methodology and presents the results of its piloting.

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TEFCE Toolbox by stages

Stage 1: Quick Scan

Setting up a team of university and community representatives and launching a discussion on the type and extent of community engagement at the university.

Stage 2: Evidence collection  

Collecting case studies of community-engaged practitioners throughout the university andfrom external communities.

Stage 3: Mapping report

Identifying good practices and assigning a level of community engagement of the university, resulting in a ‘mapping report’ (later integrated in the institutional report).

Stage 4: Participative dialogue

Open discussions among university management, staff, students and the community on strengths and areas of improvement.

Stage 5: Institutional report

Comprehensive report which presents the TEFCE Toolbox mapping results, celebrates good practices and highlights areas for further improvement.

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